Fish Bag program

Fish sack

Citizen Science Research Program


Plastic Free Ocean has been working with the University of Hong Kong's Environmental Geochemistry and Oceanography research group to investigate the number of industrial food sacks found in the sea or washed up on beaches around Hong Kong this summer。

We want the public to help document these incidents。If you see these empty bags while you're at the beach, cleaning the beach, doing water sports or hiking along the shore, please let us know by taking a photo and filling out the Google form below。This information will give us a deeper understanding of the scope of the problem, help to identify the sources of such contamination and create baseline data for future reference。

Photo credit: Living Lamma

Google Survey form

We recommend that you copy this link to your phone for easy use。

Survey data on fish food bags


Report the data in the Google spreadsheet every two weeks。


You know what??

For years, large numbers of fish sacks have washed up on Hong Kong's beaches each year, but this is the first time data has been collected on these pollutants。

You know what??

The more information we collect about fish bags from different parts of Hong Kong, the better chance we have of finding the source and stopping them from being dumped in our waterways。 Come along!